IEEE Young Professionals

IEEE EDS Young Professional and Meet-n-Greet

14th December 2022, 4:30-5.30pm IST, Audi 11

Session Moderator: Dr. Pragya Kushwaha, IEEE EDS Early Career Awardee

The IEEE Young Professionals (formerly GOLD—Graduates of the Last Decade) is a program to help IEEE members (with at least one engineering-relevant degree) transitioning to young professionals and accomplish their early career goals. Under the umbrella of IEEE, this is a vibrant community of engineers, scientists, and technical experts with representation across the globe, and now the IEEE Electron Device Society (EDS) is further empowering young professionals through the creation of Young Professionals (YP) in IEEE EDS group.

Young Professionals in IEEE EDS is a session to showcase the journeys of a few young minds in the Electron Device Society areas and how IEEE enabled them to succeed in their careers. This will be an in-person/offline networking event, to get mentorship from these Young Professionals to build a successful EDS career with the help of IEEE and the EDS community.  The session will be of interest to everyone, but particularly to budding EDS professionals and students who are looking for inspiration.

Event will cover following activities:

  • Introduction of Mentors (3 words / 3 sentences)
  • EDS Benefits for Young Professionals and Women
  • Mentoring & Networking Session

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Please meet our IEEE EDS volunteers to learn more at the IEEE Booth (Booth No C1) and the casual sitting arrangement behind Audi – 11.