Opportunity for Incubators & Start-ups

If there is a reasonable participation from an incubator or start-up (evident from 5 or more regular registrations), ICEE will be happy to flash your incubator / start-up details on the grand LED display (15 feet x 10 feet) in form of a 3 slide pitch (Slide 1: Company Details, Objectives and Vision/Mission; Slide 2: The Team and Product Portfolio and Slide 3: What are you looking for from the investors / collaborators and how can they contact you). The pitch will be flashed frequently with enough time given to read each slide. To become eligible, 5 or more members or your start-up or incubators must register for the conference. A company representative must then email us (to mayank@iisc.ac.in with cc to registered members and icee.ieee@iisc.ac.in) the slides and list of people registered. We must receive this by Dec. 5th or before. Subject of the email must be <Company Name> | Start-up / Incubator Participation at ICEE. Please note that the incubator members can’t be co-founders or employees of different companies incubated under the incubator. Start-up members must register with their start-up name as the affiliation.