Opportunity for Academics (Large Groups)

If there is a reasonable participation from an academic group (evident from 10 or more student/staff registrations with one faculty advisor), ICEE will be happy to flash your group’s details on the grand LED display (15 feet x 10 feet) in form of a 2 slide pitch (Group Details, group members attending the conference, area your group works in, open positions and areas to collaborate with industries and other groups). The pitch will be flashed frequently with enough time given to read each slide. To become eligible, 10 or more members of your group must register for the conference. The group advisor/boss must then email us (to mayank@iisc.ac.in with cc to registered members and icee.ieee@iisc.ac.in) the slides and list of people registered. We must receive this by Dec. 5th or before. Subject of the email must be <Group’s Name>|Institute Name | Participation at ICEE. Please note you can’t merge two groups from the same institute. This is also not to feature a department or center of any Institute.