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Welcome to the one-of-its-kind highlight of 6th IEEE ICEE – JOB FAIR! Through such a Job Fair, the 6th IEEE ICEE plans to bring all the jobseekers (students, post-doctoral candidates, or any other industry professional) and employers (companies, sponsors etc.) under one roof. It can be considered as an opportunity to get-to-know about each other outside the virtual domain of LinkedIn, Naukri, Indeed, etc.

6th IEEE ICEE will share a form/link, to all the conference participants upon their successful registration. That link/form in the registration confirmation email might be the key to unlock opportunities in major semiconductor firms! Anyone who is seeking opportunities in these semiconductor firms can fill this form and upload their CVs. The technical and career specific information captured in the form, along with the CVs, will be shared a few days in advance (by 5th December 2022) with all the potential employers, whoever sign-up for the Job Fair. In case of any spot registrations, their data will also be shared with these potential employers, well before the Job Fair session.

The job fair attendees will have access to the evening HR sessions, wherein the potential employers will present a 15-minute company pitch, in terms of opportunities, perks, new roles etc. This session will be held parallel to the High-Tea session in one of the ballrooms of Hilton. It is envisaged that this Job Fair will help bring together the interested candidates and the employer companies to have F2F interactions. The candidates (students or industry professionals) get an opportunity to visit the different company booths participating in the Job Fair as potential employers and satisfy their curious minds by discussing with the company representatives. They also get an advantage to understand policies & programs of the hiring company, that would otherwise be unknown to them. On the other hand, the company can directly contact the potential candidate if he/she is found suitable for a particular job role. This will help save the time & efforts of the hiring companies who visit for Campus Placements at different institutes across the length & breadth of the country.

The potential employers in the Silicon category of ICEE sponsorship shall have the access to all the job seekers’ information. The sponsors of the ICEE in Silver/Gold/Platinum category and the other companies who wish to use this platform for job advertising and hiring fresh talent are also welcomed to take advantage of Job Fair (see sponsorship model page). 

A unique highlight of this Job Fair is that the potential employers can advertise their job roles on the 6th IEEE ICEE Job information booklet (we will distribute a physical copy to all attendees). Besides, the conference website will also host the different jobs open in different companies. This is an effort to advertise through a different & novel route apart from the regular LinkedIn and other job offering portals! All these jobs will be compiled into a single Job Booklet and given to every attendee.  Apart from this, companies will have a free hand to attract potential talent by advertising their HR pitch and access to Job seeker data/CVs.  

The Job seekers have to fill out a detailed form through the link given to them after successful registration to the conference.

  1. Easy access to potential employers.
  2. Direct access to available jobs in the market.
  3. Direct access to job pitch from different companies under one roof.
  4. Interact with potential employers & their representatives.
  5. Have a better understanding about their potential employer.
  6. Opportunity for a plausible interview call from the employer in case of a profile fit for the available job.

  1. Get to pitch the different jobs floated and opportunities within the company directly to a relevant audience from within the country & around the world.
  2. Direct mode contact with relevant job seekers through ICEE platform.
  3. Interact with potential candidates directly.
  4. Access to CVs & data of potential candidates from across the country & world-wide academia & industry domains, which is otherwise quite a challenging task to gather even from LinkedIn-like platforms
  5. Pass their contacts with interested candidates on the ground
  6. Have access to boardrooms (at additional cost) if they want to host a close door meeting with few selected candidates